What is vegetable-tanned leather?

What it is

Vegetable-tanned leather is known for its beautiful and classic look. The tanning process is more environmentally friendly than others using tannins naturally found in vegetable matter. This tanning process leaves the leather “untreated” and able to darken and soften with time.


what does this mean

Buffalo & Co items made from vegetable-tanned leather all have a light water-resistant coating on the outside.  With that said, please keep in mind that due to lack of chemicals in the tanning process, this leather will stain more easily than others in the beginning. Please avoid wearing the vegetable-tanned leather next to clothing with dark dyes that may transfer. 

The leather your new bag or wallet is made from  will look better as it ages! We love the look of this leather as it develops the characteristic soft patina (dark honey colors and soft texture) which will reduce the appearance of water marks and scuffs as well as protect the leather from future stains.


how to care for it

Apply a small drop of water-based leather lotion (or unscented body lotion in a pinch!) with a soft, clean cloth using a circular motion when the leather looks dry or feels brittle. If you do this every couple months, the leather will stay healthy and beautiful. The better you care for vegetable-tanned leather goods,  the nicer they will look throughout your lifetime.